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"This is the most fun I've had playing tennis EVER.   
Its given all of us a great way to find other people and play. "

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Latest Matches
Mens B Singles 6/23/16 No. 1 Sonny Chun defeated No. 11 Greg Goodwin 6-1,6-2
Mens A Singles 7/24/16 No. 3 Scott Johnson defeated No. 6 Brian Danielson 6-3,6-2
Mens A Singles 7/24/16 No. 4 Matt Kriesel defeated No. 3 Bruce Swanson 6-1,6-0
Mens B Singles 7/24/16 No. 2 Vladimir Yakovlev defeated No. 4 Arun Chippada 7-5,6-4
Mens B Singles 7/23/16 No. 21 Anup Agarwal defeated No. 38 Jacky Lee 6-1,6-2
Mens A Singles 7/23/16 No. 1 Bruce Leonard defeated No. 5 Brian Danielson 6-3,6-0
Mens B Singles 7/21/16 No. 4 Arun Chippada defeated No. 14 David Taft 6-1, 6-7,6-1
Mens Open Singles 7/16/16 No. 8 Ken Benoit defeated No. 1 Rahber Thariani 3-6, 6-3,1-0
Exhibition 7/17/16 Florian Keller defeated Shelly Galles 6-1,6-1
Mens A Singles 7/17/16 No. 4 Ryan Caldeiro defeated No. 12 Ron Barrow 6-0,6-0
Mens B Singles 7/17/16 No. 4 Arun Chippada defeated No. 10 Ryan Lambert 7-6,6-4
Mens B Singles 7/17/16 No. 11 Jeff Bahn defeated No. 19 Anup Agarwal 6-4,6-4
Mens A Singles 7/13/16 No. 1 Will Millar defeated No. 2 Steve Horvath 6-4,6-0
Mens B Singles 7/16/16 No. 1 Sonny Chun defeated No. 12 David Taft 6-0,6-3
Mens A Singles 7/16/16 No. 1 Bruce Leonard defeated No. 3 Bruce Swanson 6-0,6-1
Mens B Singles 7/16/16 No. 10 Bao Truong defeated No. 11 Timur Sadykov 6-3,6-2
Mens B Singles 7/14/16 No. 5 Arun Chippada defeated No. 23 Anup Agarwal 6-4,6-1
Mens B Singles 0/0/16 No. 19 Daisuke Tsukano defeated No. 13 David Taft 6-3, 4-6,7-5
Mens A Singles 7/9/16 No. 1 Bruce Leonard defeated No. 2 Scott Johnson 6-2,6-0
Mens Open Singles 7/7/16 No. 2 Jovan Popovic defeated No. 9 Will Millar 7-5, 3-6,1-0

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Tour Activity
Bao visited the Players Gallery July 25, 11:56 pm
Jin is looking for a match July 25, 11:13 pm
Jin signed up for a league July 25, 11:10 pm
Ravi is looking for a match July 25, 10:32 pm
Ravi posted a message July 25, 10:31 pm
Ravi posted a message July 25, 10:26 pm
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Ravi joined the TennisTour July 25, 10:10 pm
Rick visited the Players Gallery July 25, 8:41 pm
Latest Challenges
Arun challenged Kanishk
Mens B Singles | Sunday, July 24th | Bothell , WA

Jacob challenged Vladimir
Mens A Singles | Saturday, July 23rd | Seattle , WA

Venkatesh challenged
Mens A Singles | Friday, July 22nd | Seatt;E , WA

Venkatesh challenged Aaron
Mens A Singles | Friday, July 22nd | Seatt;E , WA

Venkatesh challenged Aaron
Mens A Singles | Friday, July 22nd | Seatt;E , WA

Timur challenged Kanishk
Mens B Singles | Wednesday, July 20th | Issaquah , WA

Timur challenged Daisuke
Mens B Singles | Wednesday, July 20th | Issaquah , WA

Players Looking to Play Right Now

Monday, July 25th

Looking to play a non-league match this week in Bothell or Mill Creek area starting at 4pm or 5pm.

Monday, July 25th

Beginner looking to play with different people, have fun and improve my game!

Sunday, July 24th

Last minute but anyone wanna play on eastside tonight?(Sunday) text 408-893-2172

Sunday, July 24th

Looking for a 4.0 doubles match this afternoon or evening. North Seattle--Meadowbrook, Greenlake, Ingraham preferred. Matthew 206-799-2795

Sunday, July 24th

looking for a league match today. I can travel. Call or text at 360-441-5671

Latest Forum Posts | post to forum
Hi there, looking for a partner Atlanta area
Sunday, April 24th

hi how are you doing guys, looking for a partner.
My email:
Summer League
Saturday, February 27th

The summer league starts May 1st.
Signups open April 1st.

The Open division will include 4.5 level players. It will also be free.

We will look for feedback from the players on level of players to ensure it's a competitive division. Border line players will be able to play A division and Open.

Looking forward to getting out there again in league play.
End of Season Tournament
Monday, September 7th

Semifinals are posted. 9/14 to finish semis and 9/21 for finals.

Good luck!
End of Season Tournament
Sunday, August 9th

End of season tournament has started

The format is Masters Cup format similar to the pros.

Final Tournament in Masters Cup Format
The final tournament is optional. Draws are based on Tour Rankings

Regular length Tour matches
Draws are posted on the web site
Players have one week to set up and play their matches
Everyone is eligible to play
Brackets set up for each eight person Tier. (Place yourself into the top eight rankings for a shot at the championship)
Draws are set up in Masters Cup format with everyone playing three round robin matches. Then the top two out of each section move on to the semi-finals.
The winner of each tier takes over the top ranking for that tier.
Setting up Playoff Matches
Settting up matches

Within 1 day of the playoffs being posted or within one day after the prior match deadline, both players must post three potential times to play on the opponents message board that meet the schedule.
Players review potential times and agree to play at a time and location convenient to both players within two days.
If there are no matching times then lower seeded player chooses one of the three times proposed by the higher seeded player.
If the lower seeded player is unable to select a time then the higher seeded player may choose a time proposed by the lower seeded player. If he is unable to select a time then he must propose another potential playing time.
If both players can not choose a time that fits within the schedule for that match then it is responsibility for the lower seeded player to find a time that works prior to the last round robin match deadline.
If one player fails to provide match times per above then the other player will be considered to win by default
Tie Breakers to move on into the Semis:
(If everyone plays the same number of matches)
1st- head to head
2nd- % sets won
3rd- % games won

If players within a group are unable to play same number of matches then a point system will be used
1 point win
.4 point for a match played and lost
.4 point for a default win
0 point for a default loss
Two Week Rule
Saturday, May 16th

Rankings have been updated per two week rule

Those that played a match May 1 - 15 were bumped up and given bonus points.
Best Player of the 20th Centuries
Saturday, May 16th

No Federer?
Best Player of the 20th Centuries
Friday, May 1st

[b:3lu6oqok][size=200:3lu6oqok]Bjorn Borg , Pete Sampras or Jimmy Connors...[/size:3lu6oqok][/b:3lu6oqok]
Summer Session Signups
Sunday, March 22nd

Summer League Signups Open

Play starts May 1st
15 Matches Played in Puget Sound Tennis Tour earns a T-Shirt

Play unlimited matches all summer long
Racket Poll
Monday, June 16th

lol Babolat was spelled wrong, but besides that i just switched to a Pure Control Tour (2014 model) a few months ago and am loving it :)
Summer Session Signups
Thursday, May 1st

Rankings Posted!

Another week to signup and claim last year's ranking.
So Many New Players
Saturday, April 26th

Joined to possibly find 4.0 players in the Elkton, MD area and make new friends as well.
Summer Session Signups
Monday, March 31st

Signup to the summer sessions

Leagues start May 1st
mens 4,0 team over 18
Tuesday, February 18th

what city?
Aussie Session Signups
Tuesday, December 31st

You can now signup for the Aussie session that runs Jan - April

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